80+ Fire Filled Confession Prayer Points For All Believers

In times of spiritual turmoil, finding solace in prayer can lead to remarkable transformations. Confession prayer points offer a profound way to seek forgiveness, reconcile with oneself, and connect with a higher power. By acknowledging our faults and shortcomings, we open the door to healing and grace.

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Confession Prayer Points
Confession Prayer Points

In this blog post, we will explore the significance of confession prayer points and provide you with an extensive collection of heartfelt prayers to enhance your spiritual journey. Take your time and go through this article so that you will be filled in the place of prayers.

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Powerful Confession Prayer Points:

1. Lord, I humbly come before You, confessing my sins and seeking Your forgiveness. Grant me the strength to turn away from temptation.

2. Father, I confess my lack of faith at times. Strengthen my belief and trust in Your divine plan for my life.

3. Jesus, I confess my kind words and actions. Help me to practice love and kindness towards others.

4. Holy Spirit, I confess my selfishness. Teach me to be selfless and charitable in attending to those in need.

5. Lord, I confess my doubts and fears. Fill me with Your peace that surpasses all understanding.

6. Father, I confess my pride. Humble me, so I may serve others with a compassionate heart.

7. Jesus, I confess my lack of gratitude. Open my eyes to the blessings around me, both big and small.

8. Holy Spirit, I confess my impatience. Grant me the virtue of patience as I wait upon Your perfect timing.

9. Lord, I confess my gossiping tongue. Help me to use my words to uplift and encourage O
10. Father, I confess my struggles with forgiveness. Teach me to release grudges and embrace reconciliation.

11. Jesus, I confess my addiction to worldly distractions. May I find contentment and fulfillment in Your presence?

12. Holy Spirit, I confess my lack of self-control. Empower me to resist temptations and walk in righteousness.

13. Lord, I confess my neglect of prayer. Create in me a deeper hunger for communion with You.

14. Father, I confess my envy of others. Help me to celebrate their blessings and achievements sincerely.

15. Jesus, I confess my anxieties. Fill my heart with unwavering trust in Your providence.

16. Holy Spirit, I confess my bitterness. Soften my heart and replace it with a spirit of forgiveness and love.

17. Lord, I confess my lack of discipline in studying Your Word. Grant me a thirst for spiritual wisdom.

18. Father, I confess my negligence towards my family. Sh
show me how to be a loving and present spouse, parent, or child.

19. Jesus, I confess my impurity of thoughts. Purify my mind and align it with Your holy will.

20. Holy Spirit, I confess my complacency in serving You. Ignite a passion for ministry in my heart.

21. Lord, I confess my tendency to judge others. Teach me to embrace empathy and understanding.

22. Father, I confess my lack of courage to share my faith. Embolden me to be a light in this world.

23. Jesus, I confess my addiction to material possessions. Free me from the bondage of materialism.

24. Holy Spirit, I confess my laziness in prayer and worship. Awaken in me a burning desire for Your presence.

25. Lord, I confess my negligence in stewardship. Help me manage my resources for Your glory.

26. Father, I confess my disobedience to authority. Teach me to submit to godly leadership.

27. Jesus, I confess my lack of compassion for the marginalized. Open my eyes to their needs, and move me to action.

28. Holy Spirit, I confess my lack of perseverance in trials. Strengthen me to endure with unwavering faith.

29. Lord, I confess my pride in my accomplishments. Remind me that all glory belongs to You.

30. Father, I confess my fear of the future. Help me trust in Your perfect plans for my life.

31. Lord, I confess my fear of disappointment. Please help me to notice that you are in charge of my life and that I shall prevail in everything I do. Amen

32. Father in the mighty name of Jesus, I confess to you my incapacity to make friends. Enable me not to see them as my opponents but as companions, Amen.

33. Father I confess my passion for you, aid me to love you better than before, be the only one that counts to me, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

34. Father I confess you as my only deliverer. Deliver me from powers stronger than I am. Let me see your mighty hand set me free from my oppressors, Amen.

35. Holy Spirit, I confess to you, take your place in my life.


Q1: How often should I practice confession prayer points?
A1: There is no specific frequency; it depends on your journey. Some find daily confessions beneficial, while others do it weekly or as needed. The key is to cultivate a repentant heart.

Q2: Can I confess my sins directly to God without involving others?
A2: Absolutely. Confession with God alone is effective, but sharing with a trusted friend or spiritual mentor can provide additional support and accountability.

Q3: Is it normal to struggle with recurring sins despite confessing them?
A3: Yes, it’s common. Remember, genuine change takes time and effort. Don’t be discouraged; continue to seek God’s grace and strive for improvement.

Q4: How can I make my confession prayer more sincere and heartfelt?
A4: Be honest with yourself and God. Approach Him with humility and a genuine desire to change. Use the provided prayer points as a starting point but add your reflections and emotions to make it more authentic.


Confession prayer points are a powerful tool to deepen our relationship with the divine and experience healing and grace. Through honest confession, we admit our shortcomings, seek forgiveness, and open ourselves to modification. Take on the pilgrimage of self-reflection, use the provided prayer points as a manual, and permit God’s love and compassion to direct you toward a more productive and fulfilling spiritual life.

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