Interesting Prayer Points For Women’s Prayer Meeting

Women are saddled with a lot of responsibilities. It takes a special grace to carry out all responsibilities effectively. Being a woman is a job of its own. It’s a ministry. Being a woman is a blessing although it’s demanding. Permit me to say that it takes a woman to be a woman.

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Prayer Points For Women's Prayer Meeting
Prayer Points For Women’s Prayer Meeting

When women gather for prayers, there are so many things to pray for. They can’t just help it. Even before they gather, the prayer points are already in the venue waiting for them, lol. Do you know why? It’s because it takes so much to be a woman. Women do the work of daughters, sisters, friends, wives, partners, mothers, and grandmothers.

Powerful Prayer Points For Women’s Prayer Meetings.

1. Father, I thank you for making me a woman.
2. Thank you, Lord, for making me your favorite child
3. Thank you for giving us the burden to pray.
4. Thank you for making us a life-giving being.
5. Lord, we speak life into every dead situation around us in Jesus’ name.
6. We speak life into our husbands’ lives and businesses in Jesus’ name.
7. We decree that nothing good dies in our hands in Jesus’ name.
8. We decree that our wombs shall not miscarry in Jesus’ name.
9. We speak into the lives of our children, they shall excel in their academics, businesses, careers, and marriages in Jesus’ name.
10. We decree that our children shall not fulfill endtime prophecies in Jesus’s name.
11. The Lord shall order their steps aright in Jesus’ name.
12. We decree, even if our children refuse to follow their path to destiny as designed by God for them, the Lord will by himself drag them to the right path in Jesus name.
13. We decree, our children shall not die premature in Jesus name.
14. We speak that our children shall not suffer the limitations of their parents in Jesus name.
15. Their lives shall be organized in Jesus name.
16. We speak over our husbands, they shall not see shame in Jesus name.
17. We decree, our husbands shall receive favour in all their endeavors in Jesus name.
18. Their businesses shall receive the touch of God and they grow in Jesus name.
19. Our husbands shall not fail as fathers, husbands, brothers and sons, they shall do well in Jesus name.
20. Their seeds shall be proud to call them Father in Jesus name.
21. The limitations of their fathers shall not affect them in Jesus name.
22. Lord we decree, the contracts they pursue shall be given to them in Jesus.
23. Our husbands shall not die untimely in Jesus name.
24. They shall not be represented by another on their day of celebration in Jesus name.
25. Our husbands will not sow for another to reap in Jesus name.
26. We command every sickness attacking our husbands to die by fire in Jesus name.
27. Oh God we pray for your church, we decree that the gates of hell shall not prevail against your church in Jesus name.
28. We pray that you will increase your church numerically and financially and spiritually, in Jesus name.
29. Let your gospel expand without limitations in Jesus name.
30. Let testimonies abound in your church in Jesus name.
31. Let there always be an evidential manifestation of your power in your church in Jesus name.
32. Let every works of darkness be suspended by the light of your word in Jesus name.
33. We ask oh God that you strengthen the faint-hearted in Jesus name.
34. Do not let the fire upon your altars burn out in Jesus name.
35. Let the rain of revival fall in Jesus name.
36. Father we pray for our nation, let there be peace in Jesus name.
37. Do not let the heart of your people become weary because of the bad leadership in Jesus name.
38. Lord, please do not let the rod of the wicked rest on the lot of the righteous lest the righteous puts his hands into evil, in Jesus name.
39. Oh Lord, expose the enemies of our nation in Jesus name.
40. Frustrate the plans of the enemies of our dear nation in Jesus name.
41. Let those who have sworn that there wi be no peace in our nation go down by their evil plots in Jesus name.
42. Lord, give us leaders after your own heart in Jesus name.
43. When men cry that there is a casting down, Lord, may we find reasons to say that there is a lifting up in Jesus name.
44. Like you delivered the Israelites from Egypt, Lord deliver us from the hand of our tormentors in Jesus name.
45. Lord instill your fear into our leaders in Jesus name.
46. Jehovah, we decree that was women, we will not fail in Jesus name.
47. We will not die untimely in Jesus name.
48. Jehovah, our health and that of our husbands and children shall not fail us in Jesus name.
49. Our marriages will succeed in Jesus name.
50. Our children and grandchildren are exempted from the punishment of their parents and grandparents in Jesus name.
51. In our matrimonial homes, we will fulfill God’s purpose of bringing us into it in Jesus name.
52. We shall be reckoned with the proverbs 31 woman in Jesus name.
53. We will not run out of oil in this marital journey in Jesus name.
54. Our daughters will exemplify the five wise virgins in Jesus name.
55. Our sons will not act like beasts towards their families in Jesus name.
56. We receive grace to heal from every past pain hidden inside of us in Jesus name.
57. We receive grace to create a godly environment for the raising of our children and grandchildren in Jesus name.
58. We will not lose our position in Jesus name.
59. We decree that no stranger shall invade our homes, lives and that of our children and grandchildren in Jesus name.
60. Wherever we go, we shall emit the fragrance of favour in Jesus name.
61. We decree that even as women, our lives and that of our daughters shall bring our husbands and sons-in-law honor in Jesus name.
62. Thank you for granting our requests in Jesus name.

Haven said these prayers, and God will attend to us speedily. He won’t waste time. Testimonies shall spring forth. Do not forget to drop your comments in the comments section. And for more prayers, kindly drop your prayer requests in the comments section.
God bless you.

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