Prayer Points for Lost Souls: Interceding For Pure Salvation

In this blog post, we will delve into the importance of praying for mislay souls and dig into mighty prayer junctures to intervene for their salvation. As devotees, we are called to be the lamp of the world, expanding kindness, and fervently imploring those who have not however established their way to God. Through these heartfelt prayers, we can make a distinction in the lives of others, offering them hope, recuperation, and redemption.

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Prayer Points for Lost Souls
Prayer Points for Lost Souls

Powerful Prayer Points for Lost Souls:

The Bible stresses that Jesus died so all could be saved. It is not surprising that the mystery of prayer is the weapon needed to succeed in restoring the lost to Christ.

These carefully outlined prayer points are specifically to fit the need of praying for the lost soul.

Praying for the lost soul requires patience and perseverance. That is why we must cultivate the habit of praying without ceasing.

1. Pray that the Holy Spirit will convict their hearts, drawing them towards God’s love and grace.

2. Intercede for divine encounters with believers who can share the gospel effectively.

3. Pray for God to remove any barriers preventing them from accepting Christ.

4. Ask God to break the chains of addiction and sinful habits, leading them to repentance.

5. Pray for divine protection from negative influences and spiritual attacks.

6. Intercede for God to reveal His truth through dreams and visions.

7. Ask God to surround them with His love, peace, and comfort, dispelling fear and doubt.

8. Pray for opportunities for them to hear the gospel through various channels.

9. Intercede for God to open their hearts to receive the message of salvation.

10. Ask for divine intervention to break the strongholds of darkness.

11. Pray for divine alignment of circumstances that lead them to seek God.

12. Intercede for God to soften their hearts towards His Word.

13. Pray for the removal of distractions that hinder them from seeking God.

14. Ask God to release angels to guide them towards His divine purpose.

15. Intercede for God to send laborers to cross their paths, sharing the gospel with love.

16. Pray for a spirit of humility and receptiveness to grow within them.

17. Ask God to dismantle pride and self-reliance, replacing it with a hunger for spiritual truth.

18. Intercede for God to heal any past wounds, paving the way for restoration.

19. Pray for them to encounter God’s love and forgiveness mightily.

20. Ask God to provide for them the inheritance of faith, enabling them to believe in His Son, Jesus Christ.

21. Intercede for God to align their lives with His divine goal.

22. Pray for a hunger and thirst for righteousness to develop within them.

23. Ask God to give them godly mentors and role models.

24. Intercede for God to grant them understanding and revelation of His Word.

25. Pray for divine connections with the body of believers to foster spiritual growth.

26. Ask God to fill them with His Holy Spirit, empowering them to live for Him.

27. Intercede for God to deliver them from harmful relationships and associations.

28. Pray for divine encounters with the love of Christ, bringing them closer to Him.

29. Ask God to give them the grace to let off those who have hurt them.

30. Intercede for God to grant them a heart of gratitude, recognizing His goodness.

31. Pray for divine alignment with God’s timing and purpose.

32. Ask God to remove the veils of deception and lies from their minds.

33. Intercede for God to grant them the bravery to step into His plan for their lives.

34. Pray for God’s preservation over their bodily and emotional well-being.

35. Ask for divine appointments with believers who can provide practical support and guidance.

36. Intercede for God to surround them with His angels, guarding them from harm.

37. Pray for God to remove any barriers to understanding the gospel.

38. Ask God to grant them a spirit of discernment to distinguish truth from falsehood.

39. Intercede for God to bring godly mentors and spiritual guides into their lives.

40. Pray for them to experience the unconditional love of God, drawing them to salvation.


Q1: How can I be sure my prayers are effective for lost souls?
A1: Your prayers are powerful when they align with God’s will. Trust in His promises, praying with faith and persistence, knowing that God desires all to be saved.

Q2: Can I pray for specific individuals by name, even if they seem unreachable?
A2: Absolutely! Personalized prayers carry immense weight. Trust that God can reach even the hardest of hearts.

Q3: How long should I continue praying for someone’s salvation?
A3: Continue praying as long as you feel led by the Holy Spirit. Be patient, remembering that God’s timing is perfect.

Q4: What if I don’t see immediate results from my prayers?
A4: Keep trusting in God’s sovereignty. Recall, that seeds of faith are being cultivated, and God is at work in manners we may not instantly perceive.


This blog post explores the power of intercessory prayers for lost souls, acknowledging the obligation and freedom to be representatives of God’s love and salvation. Through 40 strong prayer points, we understood how to virtually intervene for those seeking the path to redemption.

Additionally, we addressed common questions about the effectiveness of our prayers and the persistence needed when interceding for lost souls. Remember, God’s heart is for all to be saved, and our prayers play a crucial role in ushering lost souls into His loving embrace.

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