Unlocking the Power of Prayer – Prayer Points from Acts 12

Acts chapter 12 holds a profound account of the miraculous power of prayer. This chapter narrates the gripping story of how the early church fervently prayed for Peter’s release from prison, leading to his miraculous escape. Let’s dive into the key prayer points extracted from Acts 12, understanding how these powerful petitions can transform our prayer lives and deepen our relationship with God.

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Prayer Points from Acts 12
Prayer Points from Acts 12

Prayer Points from Acts 12:

1. Pray for the Church’s Unity: May our hearts be united in intercession, just as the early believers gathered in unity, seeking God’s intervention (Acts 12:5).

2. Seek God’s Guidance: Pray for discernment to recognize God’s voice amidst challenges, as Peter followed the angel’s leading (Acts 12:7).

3. Break Chains of Bondage: Intercede for the release of those bound by spiritual or physical chains, as Peter’s shackles fell off through God’s intervention (Acts 12:7).

4. Pray for Divine Protection: Ask God to send His angels to protect and deliver believers from danger, just as He did for Peter (Acts 12:11).

5. Petition for Miraculous Answers: Trust God for miraculous answers to our most desperate prayers, as seen in the believers’ astonishment at Peter’s release (Acts 12:16-17).

6. Pray for Boldness in Witnessing: Seek the Holy Spirit’s empowerment to boldly share the Gospel, just as Peter fearlessly proclaimed Christ after his miraculous escape (Acts 12:17).

7. Intercede for Leaders: Lift leaders and authorities in prayer for God’s wisdom and guidance, as King Herod faced divine judgment due to his pride (Acts 12:22-23).

8. Pray for Supernatural Growth: Seek God’s hand in the exponential growth of His Church, as the Word of God spread and multiplied (Acts 12:24).

9. Petition for Divine Encounters: Ask God to orchestrate divine encounters with those seeking truth, as He guided Cornelius and Peter to unite in faith (Acts 12:9-10).

10. Pray for Deliverance from Persecution: Intercede for persecuted believers worldwide, that God may intervene and release them from unjust captivity (Acts 12:1-5).

11. Seek God’s Comfort for the Bereaved: Pray for God’s comfort and presence to surround those mourning the loss of loved ones, as seen in the case of James’ martyrdom (Acts 12:2).

12. Pray for Unwavering Faith: Seek God’s strength for believers to trust Him unwaveringly, even in the face of seemingly impossible circumstances (Acts 12:5).

13. Intercede for Prison Ministry: Pray for God’s grace and provision for those involved in prison ministry, just as He worked through Rhoda in Acts 12:13-15.

14. Petition for Miraculous Release: Trust God for miraculous releases from captivity, as He did for Peter when chains fell off and doors opened (Acts 12:7).

15. Pray for Supernatural Miracles: Ask God to perform signs and wonders to glorify His name and draw people to Him, as seen in Acts 12:9-10.

16. Seek God’s Protection from Harm: Pray for God’s protection over His servants, just as He sent an angel to guard Peter in Acts 12:7.

17. Intercede for Leaders’ Humility: Lift leaders in prayer, asking God to grant them humility and wisdom to acknowledge His sovereignty (Acts 12:23).

18. Petition for Open Prison Doors: Trust God to open doors and set captives free, as seen in Peter’s miraculous escape from prison (Acts 12:10).

19. Pray for God’s Intervention in Perilous Times: Seek God’s intervention during times of crisis and persecution, as the Church did for Peter (Acts 12:5).

20. Intercede for Family Salvation: Pray for the salvation of our loved ones, just as the early Church fervently prayed for Peter’s release (Acts 12:5).

21. Petition for Angelic Assistance: Ask God to send His angels to assist and protect believers in times of trouble, just as He did for Peter (Acts 12:7).

22. Pray for Divine Visitation: Seek God’s divine visitation and intervention in our lives and circumstances, as experienced by Cornelius (Acts 12:9-10).

23. Intercede for Supernatural Provision: Trust God for supernatural provision and resources for His kingdom’s advancement, as seen in Acts 12:20-23.

24. Petition for Liberation from Chains: Pray for freedom from bondage and oppression, as God delivered Peter from his chains (Acts 12:7).

25. Seek God’s Comfort in Dark Times: Ask God to comfort and strengthen us during difficult times, just as He did for the early Church (Acts 12:5).

26. Pray for Boldness in Evangelism: Intercede for boldness in sharing the Gospel, as Peter boldly proclaimed Christ to the gathered crowd (Acts 12:17).

27. Petition for Supernatural Growth of the Church: Trust God for exponential growth and revival in His Church, just as the Word of God multiplied (Acts 12:24).

28. Pray for Deliverance from Herod-like Oppressors: Seek God’s intervention for believers facing persecution from oppressive authorities (Acts 12:1-5).

29. Intercede for Divine Protection of God’s Messengers: Lift those who are spreading God’s Word, asking for divine protection and guidance (Acts 12:6-10).


FAQ: Did Peter’s miraculous escape lead to significant changes in the early Church?
Answer: Absolutely! Peter’s escape fueled the believers’ faith, leading to the Church’s growth and strengthening their commitment to prayer.

2. FAQ: How can I maintain consistency in my prayer life, like the early Church in Acts 12?
Answer: To maintain consistency, establish a daily prayer routine, engage in group prayer, meditate on God’s Word, and rely on the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

3. FAQ: Are there any modern-day accounts of similar miraculous interventions through prayer?
Answer: Yes, many believers have testified to miraculous interventions, healings, and deliverance through fervent prayers.


Acts 12 witnessed the extraordinary power of prayer that transformed lives and the course of history. The prayer points extracted from this chapter offer a roadmap to approach God with fervor, faith, and expectation. As we intercede for unity, deliverance, divine encounters, and supernatural growth, we tap into the same power that changed Peter’s destiny. Let Acts 12 inspire us to be bold,

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